Kika comes from Malawi. He traveled through two border 6 years ago to come find a better market for his wooden bowls. The wooden items he creates are made out of Rhodesian Teak wood – this is a very strong wood. It is the same wood Moses used to build the Ark and it was also used to make the articles in the tabernacle. What makes this wood so unique is the fact that it consists of several colours. In one tree trunk you will find dark and light wood. This wood is very popular because of its beautiful colours. Wood has become a scarce commodity and therefore articles made from wood are very valuable and more expensive than others.



Kika does not have a wife or children. He uses a hammer and chisel to create his wooden bowls. Later he uses a machine for the finishing touches. He uses primitive equipment and therefor it takes longer to produce products. When placing an order please take this into account.


Kika can basically make anything from wood. Look out for his wooden plates and other articles that will soon arrive in our shop.