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Special Message

In spite of all the negative elements and dark clouds hovering over Africa, there is still beauty here that cannot be ignored. Africa is a continent where you will find unspoiled culture. In spite of war and hunger, you find beautiful people here with brave smiles.

They are everywhere. They can be found in every city. Talented people who are trapped in poverty. In spite of their skills, hard work and talent, they stay poor, because there is nobody to buy their products.

Being a creative person myself, I use my own skills to put food on the table and shoes on my feet. But I always wondered how can I bring hope to a starving world. I am not talking about people who beg for money and waste it on drugs alcohol etc.

There is no use in trying to help them. You will end up giving forever and never change the world. I want to help those who work really hard to create something to sell, but have few buyers.

Through this shop, a door opened to me that enable me to reach out to these people. I can buy their goods and take it to the doorsteps of people around the world who also have a desire in their hearts to do good to others.

By buying from us, you are enabling me to teach them skills and bring hope. I believe each and every person has potential and I want to play a part in letting them come alive!

Soon we will share their stories with you.

– Maryna Schreüder